Advantages of SWCC membership

  • Discounts at Southwest Schwinn (713-777-5333) and Spring Valley Cycles on parts and service
  • Large discounts from sponors like Trek and Rudy Project on equipment.
  • Special club events such as club races and parties
  • Pro looking team kit(Jersey, Socks and Shorts) at subsidized prices
  • Get to know people who are also interested in riding and racing.
  • Opportunity to race as a team and experience new aspects of cycling.
  • 10% improvement in performance! Well… Actually you might learn something on a club ride or ride a littler harder than you would on your own.
  • We might wait for you if you get a flat :-)
  • Access to the members section of the web site

3 things you should know

How to join

  • Fill out the Club Application.
  • Mail it in and you’ll get a email, note or posting to the forum.

About the club
Logo Files Here

Our group leaves at 7:30AM weekend from Kroger on HWY 6 and West Airport in Sugar Land. (take Hwy 59 to Sugar Land, then Highway 6, north to West Airport Blvd and take a right. ) You might want to print out a map for your first time, map of the route.

Our club has been in existence since 1989. We stress fun, fitness and road racing. Our rides range in distances from 30 miles to 75 miles.

Note we have a specific ride for new or recreational riders called the “B” ride. Often the “A” ride turns into a “race” and tends to spread the group out as people are dropped off the group. The “B” ride is intentional in its steady pace to build fitness and have fun. (See Below)

Here are the guidelines for the Recreational or “B” Ride:

B ride (second group ride) is every Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone is invited to ride with us.

You DO NOT have to be a Club member to ride with us.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Must wear a helmet and no talking on cell phone while riding.

2. Speed of 17 to 20 mph of steady riding. Speed will be decided before each start (depends who is there and the wind). Remember the decision is made by the B riders and not by the ride leader. Should be able to ride at a 14 or 15 mph pace for 40 miles by yourself before doing this ride. If you have never ridden in a paceline, please read more about riding in a paceline prior to attending your 1st ride.

3. Every B ride will have at least several ride leaders (club members).

4. Ride leader hands out a map to each B rider (just in case and so you will come back to ride again. :) )

5. Mileage will change based on time of year. Since we are into the season mileage will be at least 40 and up to 62 miles. We will stop at least once at a Shell station.

6. B ride stays together. NO ONE gets left behind. The B ride may split up only If they is a club member in each group.

7. B rides leaves a few minutes after the A (fast) ride. Be ready to ride by 7:30 am and that is for Saturday or Sunday.

8. Riders should have a tube and a pump or co2 with them. The ride leader will change you flat if you do not know how put you should have supplies. Remember to air your tires to the max psi (on the side of your tire) before you ride. Bike must be in good working order.

9. Do not have to be a club member to ride with us.

If you have any questions, coments or conserns please contact any of the board members listed on the home page.

Many of our riders participate in road racing and even some mountian bike racing, but our weekly rides from Rita Drabek are on road bikes. We stress participation over results. During the race season our members enjoy high intensity and competitive club sprints. During the winter months, we usually average around 18MPH with little or no sprinting.

What to expect when you ride with us

  • Double file pace line, rotate out. Read more about riding in a paceline.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable rotating through, just hang in the back until you get the hang of it. If you’re compromising the safety of the group, expect to hear about it. Don’t take it personally, it takes a while to get the feel of the group and riding in a paceline.
  • Most of the people ride together every weekend, so they have a “feel” for the pace line, which you’ll pick up quickly.
  • Summer pace picks up once on Skinner, below describes a typical summer ride where everyone is fairly fit and the weather is nice.
  • We go straight on Holmes road and not through woods edge on the way out
  • 1st Sprint is at the Shell station on FM359
  • The FM359 sprint is where the group usually splits into 2 groups, one keeping the pace high after the sprint and the other riding a little slower or some turn around at the “1st shell station”
  • 2nd Sprint near the end of Bois De Arc, after the”hill” and the 2 curves, but before the yield turn
  • We usually regroup at the Shell in Fulsher, then do a “short loop” of about 6 to 10 miles via FM 359
  • We then stop for a longer break at the Shell in Fulsher
  • Pace is reasonable on the way back on Bois de Arc, then ramps up for another sprint on FM 359 as we approach the Shell
  • We usually come back via Woods Edge, but turn on Holmes, then Precinct Line Road
  • We also return via Pecan grove rather than Morton
  • The final sprint is the end of Madden as we approach FM 1464

* This will make more sense if you’re looking at a map, or have ridden with us for a while.

Other Events

  • We sponsor 2 races each year; the Fayetteville Stage Race and the Bear Creek Criterium.
  • End of Year Dinner
  • Club Team Time Trials
  • Club Races
  • Club Seminars by accredited USCF coaches.

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